CLiR Infrared Photography: Your FAQ Answered

Can I use the CLiR panel on PC or Mac?
What version of Photoshop is compatible with CLiR panel ?
Is Photoshop Elements compatible with CLiR panel ?
I’m a Photoshop user. Can you explain how to install CLiR Panel?
Can I use CLiR Panel on latest MacOS Ventura ?

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Wavelength to color

Over the course of millions of years, the human eye has evolved to detect light in the range 380—780nm; a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum known as “visible light”, which we perceive as colour.

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Lightroom “Save Metadata” explained

In this article, I’ll show you how to keep adjustments made in Lightroom when opening the same image back into Photoshop.

Suppose you are in Lightroom. You want to open your edited image into Photoshop for further editing adjustments. This approach will help you not loosing anything along the way. The goal is to find your Lightroom edited image as an exact visual copy when into Photoshop. 

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What’s new in CLiR v1.2 Infrared Mastery Course?

Could this be the ultimate “all-in-one” Infrared Photography package? NEW! CLiR includes over 450 pre-built Infrared profiles During CLiR course, we're teaching you how to build a custom profile for your camera. It’s the essence of processing iR with Adobe Lightroom,...

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The CLIR Infrared Mastery Course

Ground Breaking Infrared Raw WorkflowOne of the most difficult tasks in Infrared Processing is the RAW workflow. Many visible light photographers want to edit their infrared images in Lightroom Classic or Adobe Camera Raw, but until the CLiR Workflow, this has been...

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