How to keep your preferences safe while updating Adobe CC apps

Yep. ? happens, and before you start pulling your hair out, it’s probably a good ideea to be aware of a couple of setting that can save you from quite a lot of troubles ?

These days, with constant software evolution, it is quite a challange to keep an eye on everything. Especially when it comes to your preferences, settings and so on, that you value so much because you might have spent quite a decent amount of time and money to build this collection of work.

With these options properly set, you are safe!

?? First, open your Adobe CC desktop application (PC / Mac)

Double-click the icon

The popup window dialog will appear

Click on the Cloud icon ☁️

Click on the Gear icon ⚙

The Following dialog shows-up

Click on “Apps”

Click on “Advanced options” in front of Photoshop

This is where it happens 

✅  “Import previous settings and preferences” should be ticked On.

This options makes sure that when your Photoshop app is going to be updated, your previous settings, presets and preferences will be present in your new updated Photoshop app. 

?  “Remove older versions” should be ticked Off❗️

I keep this option off just to be on the safe side. I don’t really want to be facing an issue with an updated version that, for some reason, could be leading to various issues. This is one way to make sure that your updated version will not overwrite the previous one. Once I am satisfied with the new app, I’d uninstall the previous one.


?? Repeat the operation for every single application you want to have these settings activated. I typically set that for all of mine.


? That’s a wrap! I hope this has been useful to you. Cheers!