Ground Breaking Infrared Raw Workflow

One of the most difficult tasks in Infrared Processing is the RAW workflow.

Many visible light photographers want to edit their infrared images in Lightroom Classic or Adobe Camera Raw, but until the CLiR Workflow, this has been nearly impossible.

We have discovered how to process your Infrared Images at the RAW level in Adobe RAW editors.  This is a breakthrough!

The Uniquely Designed CLiR Workflow

We have unlocked a workflow that allows your infrared images to be edited just like a Visible Light photo.  

Whether you photograph your Infrared images in Raw or JPEG you will have unprecedented control over every aspect of the post-production.  What was once a convoluted workflow is now clear.

Zone System Express Bundle

IR Mastery Education Bundle

The Creative Light and Infrared IR Mastery Education Bundle includes 28 never before seen videos focused on Infrared photography.  This course is the first of its kind.

Until now, the infrared photography process has been convoluted, challenging to master, and extremely unpredictable.

With the CLiR Workflow and Photoshop Panel, infrared photography has never been simpler and more enjoyable.

The Panel and Workflow are only for Photoshop CC


Educational Videos included in the Introduction Module

  1. CLiR Welcome Video
  2. Installing the CLiR Panel
  3. Watch Me – Updates for ACR v12.3 and CLIR v1.2 (July 2020)

Educational Videos included in Module 1

  1. Intro To The IR Mastery Course
  2. The History and Science of Infrared
  3. Camera Conversions for Infrared
  4. Types of Cameras to Convert for Infrared
  5. Lens Hotspots
  6. Exposure for Infrared
  7. Which Camera Conversion is Right for You?

Educational Videos included in Module 2

  1. Intro to IR Editing
  2. DNG Profile Editor
  3. Red and Blue Channel Swap
  4. LUT Profile Creation
  5. Editing IR Images in ACR and Lightroom

Educational Videos included in Module 3

  1. Intro to IR Workflow
  2. Tonee’s Workflow 1
  3. Tonee’s Workflow 2
  4. Tonee’s Workflow 3
  5. Tonee’s Workflow Tips
  6. Blake’s Workflow 1
  7. Blake’s Workflow 2
  8. Blake’s Workflow 3
  9. Blake’s Workflow Tips
  10. BONUS Workflow Tips from Tonee

Educational Videos included in Module 4

  1. The conclusion to the CLiR Course
  2. Interview with Tonee Gee
  3. Exercise Images

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