Get your custom “dcp” camera profile for infrared photography

I can’t find my camera brand & model in the CLiR Infrared dcp Profile Library…

We understand that not all camera brands and models are available in the CLiR Infrared dcp Profile Library.
That’s why we offer a free service for CLiR customers to create custom profiles for their infrared cameras.

While the CLiR Mastery Course provides guidance on creating your own profile, we’re happy to build one for you.

Simply send us a RAW file from your camera, and we’ll take care of the rest.

TIPS: The Raw file should be taken with your converted camera, preferably with a 590nm filter on your lens.
However, a 665nm or 720nm filter will also suffice. In any case, kindly inform me of the filter you have used.

  • Step 1: Set your camera’s internal white balance to the lowest possible K number. Alternatively, if your camera supports it, set your camera to custom white balance mode and take a picture of a grey patch (such as a road, gravel, or pavement) with your infrared filter on.
  • Step 2: In the shot, please include white puffy clouds, blue sky, gravel/road, live vegetation, and human-made structures (such as wood or concrete). Avoid shooting in the shade and do not shoot directly against the sun. Ideally, keep the sun at your back or at an angle.
  • Step 3: please send your Raw file to me using the free service

After a few days, you will receive your profile/preset file(s) via email at no charge.

I can’t find my camera brand & model in the CLiR Infrared Presets for LightRoom/Camera Raw…

No worries. As a valued CLiR customer, you have access to a free service where we can create advanced presets to enhance your RAW infrared editing workflow. Although the CLiR Infrared Mastery Course covers the steps to create your own advanced presets, we are more than happy to create them for you.

In most cases, all we need is a RAW file from your camera. Please refer to the instructions mentioned in the previous section for sending your Raw file.